Sizing Charts

NOTE: Our sizing charts and sizing information are provided by the manufacturers and in no way guarantees a perfect fit. Every brand varies and below are generic size guides only.

The most common question we are asked is “How do I know what size I am in…” Below is a basic size guide with all you need to know about fitting your gear correctly to ensure you are getting maximum safety and comfort out of your riding gear.

Motorcycle Helmet Sizing

The most important safety gear while riding a motorcycle is your helmet. This needs to be a perfect fit to get the most out of its safety ability. Two (2) simple rules to ensuring a perfect fit is that it is snug around your head and tight on your cheeks… So tight that you are biting a small amount of them with your teeth while you talk. Always aim to get a tight fitting helmet and if you fall between sizes it is always safer to round the size down rather then up to ensure a snug fit. However, with kids sizing we suggest to round up a size as they will be growing and this will allow some room for that.

All helmets are sized from SM (Small) MD (Medium) LG (Large) Xl (X-Large) and in some cases XS (X-Small) 2XL (2X-Large) These also have a range of (cm) measurements.

Every helmet size covers a range of 1cm. See Below.


XS = 53-54cm

SM = 55-56cm

MD = 57-58cm

LG = 59-60cm

XL = 61-62cm

2XL = 63-64cm

Kids Helmet sizing

SM = 47-48cm

MD = 49-50cm

LG = 51-52cm

To Measure your head, use a cloth tape measure and wrap this around your head horizontally about 1 inch above your eyebrows and ears. Take the CM measurement of the circumference of your head. Please be aware fitments may vary as everyone has a different shaped head and helmet shapes and fitment will vary depending on brand.

Motocross Gear Sizing

Motocross gear is manufactured to be paired up from the factory. Each size of pant matches a jersey size However; this may vary if you wish to wear a pressure suit or body armour under your jersey. If you wish to wear this, we suggest to go up one or two sizes to your normal size.

Glove Sizing Instructions

Using a cloth tape, measure the circumference of your palm.


Jacket / Pants Sizing Instructions

Motorcycle apparel should have a close, snug fit, more snug then casual apparel.  In order to do its job (protect you), a piece of motorcycle apparel must fit snug enough that its armour will stay in place.


  • Chest width: Measure from under/top of one armpit, across chest to under/top of other armpit, then across back to first armpit
  • Waist: Measure at the hourglass of your torso, (circumference measured at your belly button)
  • Hips: pelvic bone to pelvic bone, the widest part of your hips below the waist
  • Inseam: from crotch to big ankle bone
  • Out seam: from waist to big ankle bone