ipone wash

Ipone Absolute Wash 1L

Price: $29.95

Brand: Ipone



Get as dirty as you like! AbsolutWash, the new cleaner for two-wheelers and recreational vehicles from IPONE.


AbsolutWash and its GEL formula cleans your machine effortlessly.
The product does not attack delicate parts (plastics, paint).
Its slight peach smell makes the dreaded cleaning time much more pleasant.
And because you make responsible choices, AbsolutWash is 100% biodegradable within 28 days (OECD method 302B).
Your comfort is important: its multi-position diffuser enables you to reach the most inaccessible parts of your machine without effort.
Come in 1 Litre Pack.

AbsolutWash proves its absolute effectiveness in all environments: off-road, road, competition.

For use with : Racing, Road, Off Road, Scooter, Jet, ATV