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Bike Theft & Prevention

You MarketingAugust 24, 2016

In the bike industry, it’s common to hear of bike thefts and break ins. Heartbreakingly so, it’s something we’ve been educating our customers on.


SO you’ve paid all though dough to own a bike, it only makes sense to protect it. Here’s our tips on prevention and god forbid your ride does get stolen, we have some tips to help in detection.


  1. Lock it up.

Get in the habit of locking it in the shed/garage each and every night.


  1. Record your VIN and Engine number along with a photo of your bike for police detection & insurance purposes, it good to have on hand if it does get stolen


  1. Get insurance on your bike.


Make sure you read the fine print. We’ve heard of some people not being able to claim on their insurance as the CC’s covered was only under 110. That particular insurer didn’t cover any bike over 110cc.


  1. Seriously consider a Nanotag DNA system (cost is about $249 fitted) – Supported by Insurers and identifiable by Police in the event they recover a stolen bike, the Nanotag technology places between 3000 and 5000 individual microscopic tags linked to engine number and VIN on your bike. We recommend all our clients purchasing an off road bike or ATV invest in this technology and application.

How Do NanoTags Prevent Theft?

  • A Security Identification Code is etched into each NanoTag
  • Owners mark their valuables with NanoTag Tagging Pen and register on the NanoTag database located on website
  • Law enforcement officials identify owner via Security Identification Code registered on database
  • NanoTags speed up recovery of lost or stolen items and reduce insurance costs